The App

“SECRET SUITCASE is a unique app, similar to a journal that aims to teach children about reflection, gratitude, and joy.” – Lamisha Serf, Best Apps for Kids

“The SECRET SUITCASE is an app that is perfect in our time of growing and learning that thoughts are energy. An empowering app for kids.” – Mary Buchanan, Best Apps for

“What a great concept! Want kids to think positively? Help by taking note of when good things are happening all around!” – Heather H., Smart Apps For Kids

The popular free SECRET SUITCASE app — which also features the special dyslexie font — is the perfect addition to the Maks & Mila book, helping children in a fun and playful way to be creative, to ‘store’ their happy thoughts and to share little acts of kindness! The perfect way to help your child to become more Confident and Strong!

You can download the free SECRET SUITCASE app HERE