The Book

“Maks & Mila on a Special Journey is a worthy trip for young minds to make.” – Celina Cuadro,

“This really is a beautiful book. I highly recommend getting it. It is worth every penny, especially after my son now doesn’t go to bed without sending me special hugs and wishes!” – Lexie Lane, Voiceboks

“I recommend this book to anyone that wants to encourage a positive mindset to their children, grandchildren and even themselves.” – Becky Willis, What U Talkin ‘Bout Willis?

Maks & Mila On a Special Journey, is a unique children’s book, that helps children, families and schools to practice positive thinking and to share kindness. By using a reflective and interactive storyline, as well as repetitive phrases and a special “SECRET SUITCASE”, the book empowers children to feel happier and more confident on their journey through life.

Scientific research shows that positive thinking has major benefits: it improves our level of self-confidence, it boosts our physical health, it increases our emotional well-being — we feel happier and more content — and it builds our level of resilience for years to come.

In an unprecedented way, Maks & Mila On a Special Journey, makes this technique available for children, families and schools. The storyline and illustrations speaks to children’s imagination and the act of filling their SECRET SUITCASE with Kind and Happy thoughts, will leave you and them with a sense of Joy and Happiness!

By using the special font dyslexie, the book is also easier to read for children with dyslexia.

Maks & Mila On a Special Journey, is for children from 3 to 8 years old.

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