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Welcome to Maks & Mila

Maks & Mila is a unique and award-winning concept, that helps children, families and schools to practice positive thinking and to share kindness. By using a reflective and interactive storyline, as well as repetitive phrases and a special “SECRET SUITCASE”, the Maks & Mila concept empowers children to feel happier and more confident on their journey through life.

By using a special font that is easier to read for children with dyslexia and by donating books to children and schools in need, Maks & Mila are making reading accessible and fun for all!

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Our first children's picture book "Maks & Mila On a Special Journey" got awarded with a golden Mom's Choice Award®! The acknowledgement of the Mom’s Choice Awards, lists the book among the best children’s picture books in the category body, mind and spirit. Read the full press release.


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